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Minority & Woman Owned

Lynesca stands as a distinguished chemical sourcing agency and solutions provider, boasting over a century of cumulative expertise within the sector. Our team, consisting of multifaceted and seasoned professionals, excels in sourcing, sales, manufacturing, blending, and distributing an extensive array of commodity and specialty chemicals.

Furthermore, our vast network of carrier affiliations enables us to function as your primary freight and logistics provider.

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We provide our esteemed clientele with an extensive array of first-rate products, services, and solutions facilitated by strategic alliances with preeminent manufacturers and suppliers. Our unwavering dedication lies in delivering exceptional support and value, while constantly augmenting our offerings in response to evolving customer requirements. Our comprehensive and sophisticated supply chain network emphasizes the significance of our vendor relationships. We acknowledge that our prosperity is intrinsically linked to our partner's success, and we engage in close collaboration with our vendors to ascertain the optimal products and services for our customers.

Our Team

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Evangelina Child

chief executive officer
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jessica Child

chief operating officer
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Matthew child

managing partner
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john child

managing partner
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Kathryn Child

chief compliance officer
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Brett Riley

managing partner

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